SWaPOL Handbook for Trainers




Stummvoll, G., Goos, C., Stamatiou, W., Reischl, C., Meier, M., Pantucek, G., Dück, C., Diniz, M., Saraiva, M., Guerra, P., Cruz, T., Coone, A., Reynaert, D., Vannieuwenhuyse C. (2021). SWaPOL – Cooperation in Social Work and Policing. A Curriculum for Vocational Training. Vienna: European Centre.


This Handbook for Trainers was produced as part of the project SWaPOL - Social Work and Policing, an education and training project co-funded by the EU-programme “ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training”. The SWaPOL project was carried out in 2018-2021 under the leadership of the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research based in Vienna, Austria, in cooperation with partner organisations in Austria, Portugal and Belgium. The objectives of this project were to develop and run a pilot training-workshop in all partner countries, and to produce teaching material to support future generations of law enforcement and welfare service teams that wish to adopt this inter-disciplinary idea as part of their teaching programmes.


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