InCARE policy brief no. 1: Promoting Social Innovation in long-term care: A common narrative for change across Europe




Ilinca S., Simmons C., Zonneveld N., Benning K., ComasHerrera A., Champeix C., Nies H., Leichsenring K. (2021). Social Innovation in long-term care in Europe: Towards a common narrative for change. InCARE Policy Brief No. 1.


The InCARE project team has derived the key lessons arising from a decade of European experiences – with a focus on doing rather than analysing social innovation. In this Policy Brief, the InCARE project team argues that local innovators should shift focus away from best practice initiatives and towards defining the best fit for purpose initiatives. Furthermore, the project team highlights the need to match investment in social innovation design and development with investment in scale-up and sustainability of social innovation approaches, in order to increase societal impact. The InCARE project team proposes four key principles that can guide social innovators in long-term care.