Policy brief: A framework to assess and monitor policies for tackling homelessness in Europe




Zólyomi, E., Rodrigues, R., Fuchs, M. & Birtha, M. (2021). A framework to assess and monitor policies for tackling homelessness in Europe, Policy Brief 2021/1. Vienna: European Centre.


This policy brief aims to present a multi-dimensional framework that builds on a rights-based approach to monitor and review the extent to which states upheld the right to housing and ensure access to adequate housing, social security and healthcare. The framework is being developed as part of an ongoing research project that aims to provide a comparative assessment of national policies and their outcomes in preventing and tackling homelessness. The framework is intended to inform the development of matching indicators and to serve as the basis for the comparative analysis in the next phase of the project. The Policy Brief starts by presenting a brief background on homelessness in Europe, followed by the policy challenges and the barriers to access housing, healthcare and social services faced by homeless people. This is followed by a brief account of key policy developments and the case for taking a rights-based approach to policies addressing homelessness. These underpin the framework, its domains and indicators, which are presented in a separate section of this Policy Brief, before offering some conclusions.