Partnerships for the Goals: Beyond SDG 17

Alianzas para los Objetivos: más allá del ODS 17




Stott, L. & Scoppetta, A. (2020). Alianzas para los Objetivos: más allá del ODS 17 / Partnerships for the Goals: Beyond SDG 17. Revista DIECISIETE 2020(2), Versión digital, 29-38.


Partnership is positioned as central to meeting the targets of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals that make up the United Nations Agenda for 2030 with Goal 17, ‘Partnerships for the Goals’, often described as pivotal to the transformational efforts required for its realisation. In view of this, Goal 17’s limited vision of partnership and its potential contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is disappointing. This article suggests that partnership needs to be articulated as a more vibrant vehicle for supporting the transformations needed to attain the Goals. This requires acknowledgement of the need for deeper multi-level and multi-actor relationships; the promotion of collective accountability for achieving the SDGs; and a stronger evidence base for partnership policy-making with more robust mutual exchange and learning.