EU accessible cities for inclusive tourism

2nd network meeting




European Union Access City Award Network / Birtha, Magdi (Rapporteur) (2019). EU accessible cities for inclusive tourism. 2nd network meeting. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.


On 20 September 2019, representatives from 17 winning cities of the Access City Award (ACA) met in Breda, the Netherlands to exchange best practices and provide mutual inspiration on accessible tourism, to improve inclusion for persons with disabilities and older people. 

Since 2011, the ACA recognises and celebrates the willingness, ability and efforts of European cities to become more accessible and inclusive and ensure that everybody – regardless of age, mobility or ability – has equal access to all the resources and opportunities cities offer. In the ACA 2019, the city of Breda won the 1st prize ahead of 4 other shortlisted cities (Evreux, France; Gdynia, Poland; Kaposvar, Hungary; Vigo, Spain). 

The first annual meeting of the Access City Award network was held in 2018 in the city of Lyon, winner of the ACA 2018. In 2019, representatives of all the winning cities (including the winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as well as special mentions) for the Access City Award (ACA) were invited for a one-day event to discuss accessibility in Breda, the winner of ACA 2019. This year’s theme was accessible tourism. This briefing written by Magdi Birtha summarizes the main remarks and recommendations made by speakers and participants during the event.


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