Eurohealth issue on Enhancing the sustainability of long-term care

Results from the CEQUA project


Joanna Marczak, Raphael Wittenberg, Lorraine Frisina Doetter, Georgia Casanova, Stella Golinowska, Montserrat Guillen, Heinz Rothgang, Francesco Barbabella, Blanche Le Bihan, Miguel Santolino, Alis Sopadzhiyan, Agnieszka Sowa-Kofta, Jose-Luis Fernandez, Lennarth Johansson, Giovanni Lamura




Eurohealth, Quarterly of European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies


Eurohealth 2019; 25(4).


The EU-funded project CEQUA aimed to synthesize existing evidence on cost-effectiveness of interventions in long-term care around several areas. Results and policy recommendations have been published in the most recent volume of Eurohealth - the quarterly journal of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

The several articles cover the topics of personalization, prevention and rehabilitation, unpaid care and migrant carers. They include a summary of the reviews of evidence carried out, as well as the main policy implications arising from them. Ricardo Rodrigues, Gudrun Bauer and Stefania Ilinca contributed to the articles on personalization and migrant care workers.

All articles are available for free download following this link.