Peer Review Italy Key Messages




CIOFS-FP (2019). Key Messages: EEPOW Peer Review 'Bilateral and multilateral cross-border practices: the Italian approach to preventing social dumping and enhancing access to the European labour market', Trieste, Italy, 26 June.


The EEPOW Peer Review in Trieste focused on cross-border cooperation practices that have been recognized to prevent social dumping and enhance access to the European labour market. These practices have taken various forms such as: cross-border agreements, protocols, projects and other information exchange tools among public authorities, enforcement agencies and social partners. The Peer Review provided the opportunity to analyse the current situation on posting of workers in Italy and gain practical insights into how existing challenges, in particular in the construction sector, can be overcome via enhanced cooperation between relevant organisations. The event provided the opportunity to analyse and reflect on if and how bilateral cross-border cooperation practices have influenced the implementation of the Directive and eventually contributed to increasing transparency and accountability of enterprises. The discussions during the event highlighted that a wide range of aspects must be taken into consideration when acting across borders since many differences across countries and actors exist. The Peer Review also resulted in recommendations drawn for the future addressed at public authorities and social partners.


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