Peer Review Germany Key Messages




Center for Social Research Halle e.V. (2019). Key Messages: EEPOW Peer Review 'Remuneration of posted workers and equal pay: The German approach'. Magdeburg, Germany, 8 May.



The peer review focused on problems regarding the remuneration of posted workers and the principle of equal pay. Participants had the opportunity to listen to experts from the host country and the participating peer countries’ had possibilities to share their countries’ approach  to the implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive (96/71/EC) and the challenges faced regarding the circumvention of guaranteed working conditions, particularly minimum wages. Different ways how employers and companies circumvent national provisions on remuneration in practice were discussed next to measures national authorities and NGOs take to monitor and control irregularities. The provision of information on the remuneration by employers and the lack of such provision in the sending and the host countries were explored in detail. Exchanged information built the ground for the subsequent discussions in working groups.


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