Peer Review Austria Key Messages




European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (2019). Key Messages: EEPOW Peer Review 'Guaranteeing posted workers’ rights: The Austrian approach to the implementation of the Enforcement Directive'. Vienna, Austria, 28 February.


The Peer Review provided the opportunity to discuss and exchange information on guaranteeing the rights of posted workers and their access to social welfare. The discussions focused on the implementation of the Enforcement Directive, through the provision of information to posted workers and posting employers and cross-border/transnational exchange of information and collaborative intervention between enforcement public authorities of the sending and receiving countries. The experience and challenges encountered with the instruments used to facilitate access to information, in particular the official national websites for posting, as well as the national and transnational cooperation among enforcement agencies were explored in detail. Additionally, the role of social partners in providing information and support to posted workers was also discussed. Finally, suggestions and recommendations on how to improve existing mechanisms in the EU Member States and build them in the candidate countries were exchanged.


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