Taking a human rights-based approach in monitoring policies for older people in Europe




Birtha, M., Sandu, V., Zólyomi, E., & Rodrigues, R. (2019). Taking a human rights-based approach in moni-toring policies for older people in Europe, Policy Brief 2019/10. Vienna: European Centre.


The aim of this policy brief is to present and discuss two tools that can contribute to monitor the evolution of policies and their outcomes for older people in Europe: 

  • the Rights of Older People Index (from hereafter ROPI or the Index) and
  • the Scoreboard on Outcome Indicators.

Together, ROPI and the Scoreboard fill an important gap as multi-dimensional tools to monitor the situation of older people with care and support needs, based on a human-rights approach. They highlight gaps in legislation and the implementation of policies as well as gaps in data. The combination of these tools offers the opportunity to jointly assess the existing legislation and policies (through ROPI) and how they translate into better outcomes for the older population (through the Scoreboard).