Posting of Workers in Eastern Europe (EEPOW) Country Report for Albania




Agolli, M. & Deliu, N. (2018). Posting of Workers in Eastern Europe (EEPOW) Country Report for Albania. Vienna: European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research.


The Albanian case study focuses on examining the existing legal and regulatory framework, governance indicators, human capacities as well as the institutional arrangement, inter-agency cooperation and stakeholder engagement. The analysis is used to identify what needs to be done or improved in order to develop the proper capacities for the implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive (96/71/EC) in Albania. The empirical data is drawn from official reports, relevant grey and academic literature, and interviews with various stakeholders, i.e. policy-makers, enforcement agencies, and social partners. The findings show that the country has transposed the PWD in its national legislation. However, labour mobility barriers are removed asymmetrically, as Albanian companies are not eligible to post workers to EU countries because of Albania not being a Member State. The institutional structures responsible for monitoring the implementation of the PWD are not yet stipulated in by-laws and the matter is subject to the involvement of many implementing agencies. Intra-agency cooperation and exchange of information  has not yet been consolidated also due to the incomplete regulatory framework.