Integrated case management of employment and social welfare users in the Western Balkans

Guidelines and good practices




Scoppetta, A., Leichsenring, K. & Lelkes, O. (2018) Integrated Case Management of Employment and Social Welfare Users in the Western Balkans – Guidelines and Good Practices. Commissioned by the UNDP. Vienna: European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research.


The guidelines and toolkit presented here are intended to assist Public Employment Services and Centres for Social Welfare in the Western Balkans to build up integrated case management systems. Integrated case management is understood as an innovative practice which is employed especially by these two institutions collectively to serve the most vulnerable with all available resources from both the labour market and the social assistance system, and even beyond. To enhance the inclusiveness of labour markets, the engagement of other actors is also necessary. The guidelines thus recommend the setting up of integrated case management systems that are embedded in partnership structures. The toolkit, an integrative part of this paper, furthermore offers all necessary resources to provide a quick reference resource for policymakers during the implementation of integrated case management.