Suspensions of unemployment benefit payment and reclaims of unduly received benefits in Austria 1995-2001




Fuchs, M. (2002). Suspensions of Unemployment Benefit Payment and Reclaims of Unduly Received Benefits in Austria 1995-2001. Vienna: European Centre.


The paper was written as national (Austrian) information concerning suspensions of unemployment benefit payment for the study "Analytical and statistical tools for monitoring EU tax-benefits systems" funded by DG Employment and Social Affairs, European Commission and carried out by Alphametrics Limited in conjunction with the Microsimulation Unit, University of Cambridge


  1. Current Legal Regulations of Unemployment Benefit and Unemployment Assistance and Important Changes since 1995
  2. Administration of the Legal Regulations Regarding Sanctions by the Employment-Centre according to Reports of Experts and Empirical Studies
  3. Statistical Data
  4. Conclusions