COVID-19: Social Situation Analysis in Austria

Contributions by the European Centre


The project Social Situation Analysis has four modules, whereas the European Centre contributes to module III - Expertise on affected groups. We draft two chapters: 1) Single parents; and 2) People with disabilities. The chapters will cover the overall situation prior to COVID-19 based on the existing information and data of research with special attention paid to the EU-SILC data, elaborate on available information based on COVID-19 both as an amplifier and as a trigger for new problems and include derivations consisting of gaps and weaknesses in the social system, possible research approaches; and recommendations for action (short, medium and long-term). Gender and migration are horizontally covered topics of the two chapters.


The comprehensive analysis captures the status quo of the social situation of specific groups in Austria and includes anecdotic evidence of the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and the need for action and research in order to provide a fact-based basis for the start of a broad stakeholder dialogue and the development of short- as well as medium-term options for action and to be able to offer long-term strategies for resilience.

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