Final project event: Upscaling Event and Final Conference of the INFO-POW Project



The final event of the INFO-POW project took place at the premises of the European Labour Authority, in Bratislava on 17 January 2024. The final conference gathered about 50 participants from partner organisations, social partners and public authorities from the countries covered in this project: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia, and from the EU-level institutions and stakeholders. The event aimed to discuss the findings of the project; inform participants about the mapping and online company survey methodologies, the results and best practices in order to use these in their own countries or at the EU level; to discuss opportunities for upscaling project's research about information channels in posting and its key findings in view of upholding enforcement of existing EU and national legislation; and to enable fruitful expert discussions and networking among the participants. The event started with a keynote by Caroline Meumann, Head of Information and Services at the European Labour Authority. Afterwards, there were presentations on the methodology and results of the research project, followed by smaller sessions organised in an interactive collaborative format in which the participants jointly discussed a follow-up strategy for the upscaling of the initiatives implemented during the project. The event was concluded with a panel discussion with representatives from ELA, EU- as well as national-level social partners, and the project coordinator.