EPSU_Social Employers seminar: The future of social services sector - Upskilling care workers



On 25 April, our collegues Sabina Gjylsheni and Magdi Birtha participated in the joint seminar organized and hosted by the Federation of European Social Employers and European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU). The seminar brought together representatives from DG Employment, Social Affairs and inclusion of the European Commission, as well as Cedefop, ActiZ, and Agenzija Sapport to discuss the main findings from the research on evolving jobs, skills and training needs in the social services sector and the role of social partners in managing changes, which were presented by our colleagues Gjylsheni and Birtha. The findings of the research were followed by a discussion on skills expectations, perspectives and solutions for care workers in social care sector. The research is part of EU Commission’s funded FORTE project.