Web tax-/benefit microsimulation model SORESI: Updated to 2023 policies



SORESI is a web application in Austria for both the policymakers and the broader public, based on the microsimulation model EUROMOD, in order to simulate policy reforms (social contributions, income tax, monetary benefits) and to analyse their social impact (e.g. on the national poverty rate, income inequality indicators and different income groups). It is operated by the European Centre (Felix Wohlgemuth, Michael Fuchs, Leonard Geyer), the BRZ and financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Social Affairs. SORESI is now updated to 2023 policy rules (incl. adaptation for bracket creep, indexation of benefits, etc.) using the latest input data (SILC 2021 with incomes for 2020). You can try SORESI immediately and run your own simulations for free by clicking on the following link.