15 October 2021 CPop seminar: How policy and demographic ageing are shaping care patterns across time?



Ricardo Rodrigues takes a dynamic view of gender patterns in informal caregiving for older people across Europe to answer the following research questions:

  • i) has there been an evolution in the gender gap in informal caregiving, due to changes in informal caregiving by women and/or men; and
  • ii) has the gender gap in informal caregiving evolved differently across different regions of Europe?

He discusses the results in view of cohort trajectories of health in old-age (possible demographic-based explanations for our findings) and association of gender egalitarian norms at the individual level with probability to care (possible social-based explanations for our findings).

The meeting will be held as a physical seminar in Social Sciences meeting room M (V17-109a-2) of the SDU Odense, but it will also be possible to participate online via Zoom on 15 October 2021, 10-11 am. Register here