New project: Indicators for measuring child poverty to combat social exclusion of children in European cities



In this new project commissioned by the City of Vienna the European Centre (Michael Fuchs and Tamara Premrov) will identify indicators related to child poverty in European cities taking into account the following dimensions:

  1. Definition of child poverty
  2. Prevalence of child poverty
  3. Consequence of child poverty related to health and nutrition, social participation, education, social mobility, labour market integration and housing situation
  4. Living conditions of children concerned
  5. Measures to combat child poverty

The indicators will be coordinated with the cities involved (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bratislava, Edinburgh, Frankfurt/M., Ghent, Helsinki, Lyon, Nantes, Stockholm, Tallinn, Utrecht, Vienna, Warsaw, Zagreb) and will serve as discussion input for the city roundtable in Vienna scheduled for spring 2021.