Project news: Early findings at FutureGEN Sounding Board Meeting



The Sounding Board of FutureGEN met on 13 May to discuss early findings of the project with the project partners and the project team at the European Centre (Ricardo Rodrigues, Stefania Ilinca, Eszter Zólyomi and Selma Kadi). The SB brings together representatives from Eurocarers, OECD, WHO Europe, national governments and academics. The early findings include:

  • The first cohort analysis for limitations with Activities of Daily Living for older women and men in Europe;
  • the effect of widowhood on access to long-term care; and best methods to analyze the intersectionality of gender and social location in health outcomes.
  • We also had the opportunity to present the draft Data Navigator with data on trends in inequalities in health and care.

Further information can be found here and soon also on the project’s website.