DET_CAREMIX project meeting: DET_CAREMIX project meeting in Ljubljana



The European Centre and the project partners of the DET_CAREMIX project met in Ljubljana to discuss the progress of the project with 12 months to its completion on the 18 and 19 June. Stefania Ilinca, Rahel Kahlert and Ricardo Rodrigues from the European Centre discussed with the Slovenia partners the progress of:

i) a quantitative analysis of the distribution of care tasks between informal carers and care services across gender (e.g. sons and daughters) and socio-economic lines (e.g. education);

ii) a comparative qualitative study of pairs (dyads) of informal carers (sons, daughters, in-laws) and their relatives receiving care in Austria (50 observations) and Slovenia (100 observations).

This is the first comparative study of its kind involving both countries.