The myths and veracities of the European migration challenge

A case for labour migration


Dr. Martin Kahanec


Europe has been going through multiple challenges, including aging populations, skill shortages, economic recession and financial crisis, and the current migration crisis. The ensuing complexities have confused many key actors, including the general public and voters, as to their perspectives on the role of labor mobility for European societies and economies. In this talk I will shed light on some of the key questions asked in the migration debate: Do migrants take our jobs and welfare? Are they grease or sand the wheels of European economies? And how many migrants come due to the magnetism of welfare provisions in receiving countries? A range of econometric techniques applied on secondary and purpose-made datasets will be used to support the argument that labor mobility is a potentially powerful vehicle of adjustment within and across European labor markets. Unfortunately, misguided debates result in ill-chosen directions of European policy efforts, which aggravate some challenges and constrain the potentials labor mobility offers. A brief policy agenda for European labor mobility will be outlined.

International Seminar


International seminar


European Centre