Christian Aspalter: Mapping European welfare states

From stereotypes in comparative social policy to realities on the ground


This international seminar presents a study which sets out to break through the existing thought boundaries by looking at all European welfare states in all of Europe, in the broadest sense. A spectral data analysis has been conducted, the results of which will be discussed in the context of the state of the art of comparative welfare state theory, referring to both ‘ideal-typical’ and ‘real-typical’ perspectives and related theory. The shifts of East-West and North-South boundaries within the European Union are particularly interesting and hence given extra thought and attention in the evaluation of welfare state development on the ground. However, the study goes also beyond the boundaries of the current European Union and intends to capture all of Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok (UNECE Region). The presentation will highlight new findings about many hitherto neglected and shoved-aside countries that are yet to be fully integrated and put under the spotlight and microscope of international comparative social policy analysis.


Prof. Christian Aspalter received his Doctorate of Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Linz, Austria. He has published over 20 books, as well as numerous journals articles, on social policy (including health policy). In 2006, Prof. Aspalter has set up the Social Work and Social Administration Program of BNU-HKBU United International College in Zhuhai, China. Read more with this link


International seminar