Nathan Lillie: Posted workers’ rights and transnational cooperation among labour inspection agencies in Europe


Sonila Danaj


Professor Nathan Lillie, University of Jyväskylä, Finland 


Monitoring and enforcement of posted workers' right is problematic in many respects. One major contributing factor to this is the fact that posted workers' employment contracts fall under multiple overlapping jurisdictions. Diverse agencies from different countries must cooperate transnationally, in order for posted workers to have effective recourse to their legal rights. Employers have become adept at using multiple jurisdictions to complicate labour rights enforcement and to save on social fees. This report survey's the transnational cooperation of labour inspectorates in the EU, and suggests ways in which it can be improved. The report is based on a series of local workshops and interviews in Austria, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Italy and Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia, and on discussions from a labour inspection and posted work conference in Prague, 25-25 November, 2017. The study was co-authored by Marek Čaněk, Kairit Kall, Amelia Wallace, Nathan Lillie, Bettina Haidinger

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