Social Situation Monitor
Analysing trends in income distribution, poverty, social exclusion and material deprivation as well as health across the European Union.
Financed by: the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

04/2013 – 03/2017

Contact: Orsolya Lelkes

Ensuring continuity of the European Observatory on Demography and Social Situation, this project aims at providing policy-relevant analytical and methodological support on the developments in income distribution, poverty, social exclusion and material deprivation as well as health, helping the Commission in its efforts to monitor living standards and life chances across the EU and across different groups in society, and to evaluate how policies affect them.

We analyse issues related to living conditions and its various determinants and aspects such as income, wealth, poverty, taxes and benefits, consumption, access to health, long-term care and other services, time use, social mobility, social inclusion and social participation. It helps identify socio-economic groups (such as the elderly, families with children, youth, ethnic minorities, migrants etc.) which may be at a particular disadvantage and would need to be targeted by policies.

The results of the analysis are published in a series of Research Notes on specific issues of policy relevance each year and in an on-line resource on the European Commission website.

The on-line data base includes comparative analyses across the EU of income inequality, the risk of poverty, material deprivation, the distribution of wealth, and non-monetary aspects of well-being. It is based to a large extent on the EU-SILC (Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) and they extend the periodic studies produced by Eurostat. Other data sources include: European Labour Force Survey; Survey on Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE); European Household Budget Survey (EHBS); Adult Education Survey; PISA - survey of the academic performance of young people. In 2016, the European Centre team with Katrin Gasior carried out the analysis on the risk of poverty across Europe.

Research Notes





At Risk of Poverty MapThreshold in PPS and EUREU 2020

External project coordinator: Terry Ward, Applica
External project collaborators: Holly Sutherland, ISER, István György Tóth, TARKI, Manos Matsaganis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Eva Sierminska, CEPS/INSTEAD, Luxembourg
Project team EC: Orsolya Lelkes (team leader), Katrin Gasior, Katarina Hollan, Stefania Ilinca, Ricardo Rodrigues, Andrea Schmidt, Katharine Schulmann, Eszter Zólyomi
Financed by: European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion