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Wer bekommt ein Stück vom Kuchen? Die Effekte der Steuerreform 2015/2016 auf österreichische Haushalte

Wird das Ziel der Regierung Arbeitnehmerinnen zu entlasten erreicht? Wer profitiert am meisten von den Reformmaßnahmen? Die vorliegende Kurzstudie präsentiert die Effekte der derzeit diskutierten Steuerreform auf die Einkommensverteilung sowie das Armutsgefährdungsrisiko. Die Ergebnisse wurden von Katrin Gasior mit dem Online-Mikrosimulationsmodel SORESI berechnet. Die Analyse zeigt die Effekte der Reform nach Einkommensgruppen, sowie für verschiedene Haushaltstypen. Außerdem werden die Effekte für die Europa-2020-Sozialzielgruppe diskutiert. Mehr dazu.

Piece of the Cake? The effects of the tax reform 2015/2016 for Austrian households
Is the aim of the reform - to reduce the tax burden for all employees - achieved? Who profits the most? Katrin Gasior carried out an ex ante evaluation of the Austrian tax reform that is currently discussed by the Ministers. The analysis uses SORESI - the online microsimulation model - and shows the effects of the measures on the income distribution and poverty rate. The analysis shows results by income quintiles and for different household types. It furthermore discusses how the Europe 2020 social target group is effected by the reform. Read more.

Population Ageing and Improving the Living Conditions of Older People

Sustainable Development

Senior Advisor Asghar Zaidi is invited to make a presentation at the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on “Global Ageing and the Data Revolution – The Way Forward in the Post-2015 Environment”, New York, 7-9 July 2015. The Meeting will contribute to identifying the possible use of alternative sources of data on ageing to better inform policy development and monitoring. The global context is the work on new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, therein, the push for the case of older people.

Strengthening the Protection 
of the Human Rights of Older Persons


At the sixth session of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing 
for the purpose of “Strengthening the Protection 
of the Human Rights of Older Persons”, Senior Advisor Asghar Zaidi acts as one of the invited panellists on the rights of older people. The session will be attended by the representatives of UN Member States as well as by other stakeholders around the world. Again, the global context is the work on new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, therein, the push for the case of rights of older people.

Old Age Work Participation

In a recent article, Senior Advisor Asghar Zaidi and co-author Arthur van Soest discuss the labour force participation of older age groups. They discuss definition and measurement of old age and work participation and present some data on OECD countries, provide an overview of the determinants of retirement and labour supply of older age groups, and summarize what is known about labour demand and productivity. Read more