Newsletter December 2020


Final Report on the Dialogforum “Leaving no one behind”

The final report (Abschlussbericht) on the Dialogforum “Leaving no one behind” is now available. The forum organised four workshops on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in selected policy areas in Austria. The report describes the workshops, summarises their results and formulates recommendations for the future.

Bridge Building in the Spotlight

Posting of Third Country Nationals

The final comparative study of the Con3Post project has been published by our partner ZRC SAZU. The study compares the findings from three Con3Post regional reports on mobility and posting flows between EU-sending, EU-receiving and third countries, namely Slovenia, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina; Italy, Belgium, Tunisia and Morocco; and Poland, Finland, Estonia and Ukraine. The study explores the main characteristics of the trend of posting of third country nationals (TCN) to work in the EU construction sector and focuses in particular on i) the labour market dynamics, ii) migration and mobility trends, iii) labour rights, occupational safety and health, iv) vulnerabilities of TCN posted workers, and v) management of transnational workplaces.


New project: Secure Mobility - Uncovering gaps in the social protection of posted workers

The new posting project that will be implemented between January 2021 and June 2022 aims to improve the evidence base for a policy regulating posted work – by collecting and analysing (via focus groups) narratives from posted workers about how more

New project: Youth Gangs – Preventive social measures to reduce juvenile delinquency and gang crime

The aim of this project on "Youth Gangs" is to develop a multi-agency model for the prevention of gang violence based on an indepth-analysis of risk factors, prevention policies and social control mechanisms in recent research projects on more


EESPN newsletter: November 2021 issue

We would like to introduce the November 2021 issue of the EESPN newsletter. We feature new projects, calls & publications on new social policy measures relevant to the Bridge Building (BB) region. Read more more

FutureGEN systematic review on SSM: Population Health: is there THE method to study intersectionality in health?

FutureGEN has just published its first peer-reviewed article on ‘Systematic review of methods used to study the intersecting impact of sex and social locations on health outcomes’ in SSM Population Health. The article is Open Access and more

New publication: Applying ideal types in long-term care analysis

Kai Leichsenring contributed a chapter to Christian Aspalter’s ‘Ideal types in comparative social policy’ in which he applies ideal types to long-term care analysis and emerging systems in a global more

Upcoming online events

International seminar on 13 January: N. Keating talked about Leaving no one behind? Family care across the life course

In an International Seminar on 13 January, Norah Keating gave a presentation about how the unfolding of life courses of family carers might contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals to leave no one behind.