Occupational Safety and Health of Posted Workers

January 2017 - December 2018

Contact: Anette Scoppetta (until 28/2/2017), Sonila Danaj (from 1/3/2017 onwards)

The occupational safety and health (OSH) of posted workers is regulated by Article 3 of the Directive 96/71/EC concerning the posting of workers in the framework of provision of services and is inextricably linked to the assurance of decent labour/working conditions. In most cases, serious infringements in matters of OSH go hand in hand with underpayment, excessive working time, lack of rest periods, lack of preventive measures, non-¬compliance with regulations concerning social security and health insurance and underestimating the challenges concerning OSH in culturally and ethnically diverse workspaces. The POOSH project brings together research institutions and competent public bodies from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Romania, Germany, Croatia and Belgium to depict the under-¬researched and underexposed challenges in assuring OSH and decent labour/working conditions for posted workers.

It aims at meeting all three general objectives:
  • to establish and/or further improve transnational cooperation between national competent bodies, social partners, think tanks and NGOs through organization of joint meetings and visits, with the aim of exchanging best practices, experiences, discuss possible forms of further cooperation, facilitate multilateral initiatives leading to better prevention, monitoring and response to violations of posted worker's rights and develop policy recommendations
  • to increase accessibility and quality of information for posted workers, employers and national competent authorities by developing a comprehensive transnational OSH e-Observatory and
  • to facilitate interdisciplinary and cross-¬border academic collaboration to provide a collection of 9 national case studies and a comparative study based on the existing and new data collected with fieldwork, in order to provide quality evidence base and inform policy dialogue
Comparative Research (Case studies, Interviews, etc.)

In accordance with the three specific objectives, the following actions will be carried out:
  • Cooperation (Transnational conference, joint visits, project meetings, and roundtable as well as national training/capacity building workshops)
  • Information-sharing (transnational e-­based OSH observatory on labour/working conditions and OSH of posted workers)
  • Research (systematic review of the existing sources on the OSH in the context of posting of workers; national case studies; comparative report with recommendations)
Project partners
  • ZRC SAZU - Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • SNSPA -­ The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Centre for European Studies on Human Migration (Bucharest, Romania)
  • UniVE -­ Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage (Venice, Italy)
  • UniROS -­ University of Rostock, Chair of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Education (Rostock, Germany)

Project co-ordinator: Anette Scoppetta, Sonila Danaj
External project co-ordinator: Kristina Toplak, ZRC SAZU (Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts), ktoplak@zrc-sazu.si
Funded by: European Commission / DG Employment