Asghar Zaidi

Research Affiliate


PhD in Economics, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)




School of Social Sceinces
Centre for Research on Ageing/ ESRC Centre for Population Change
Murray Building
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ, Southampton, UK

Phone: +44 2380 59 3787


Population ageing and its social and economic consequences, pension policy and its impact on fiscal and social sustainability of welfare states, labour market status and well-being of persons with disabilities, poverty and social exclusion among older people / among people with disabilities, dynamic microsimulation modelling


  • Zaidi, A., Gasior, K. & Manchin, R. (2011/2012). Population Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity: Policy Challenges and Societal Responses. Special European Edition of the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, co-edited by Alan Hatton-Yeo and Mariano Sanchez.
  • Zaidi, A. (2011/2012). Population ageing and financial and social sustainability challenges of pension systems in Europe: A cross-national perspective. In: Bovenberg, van Ewijk & Westerhout (Eds.), The Future of Multi-pillar Pensions. Cambridge University Press.
  • Zaidi, A. (2011/2012). Exclusion from material resources: poverty and capability deprivation among older people in EU countries. In: Scharf & Keating (Eds.), From Exclusion to Inclusion in Old Age: A Global Challenge. The Policy Press.
  • Zaidi, A. & Dekkers, G. (2011). The European Network for Dynamic Microsimulation (EURODYM) – A Vision and the State of Affairs. International Journal of Microsimulation, 4(1), 100-105.