Asghar Zaidi

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Transition from Work to Retirement in EU25
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Poverty of Elderly People in EU25
Features and Challenges of Population Ageing: The European Perspective
The Labour Market Situation of People with Disabilities in EU25
Poverty Risks for Older People in EU Countries – An Update
Fiscal and Pension Sustainability: Present and Future Issues in EU Countries
Intergenerational Solidarity: Policy Challenges and Societal Responses
Fiscal Policy and Sustainability in View of Crisis and Population Ageing in Central and Eastern European Countries
Social Well-being of Disabled Older Persons
Exclusion from Material Resources among Older People in EU Countries: New Evidence on Poverty and Capability Deprivation

Challenges in Combating Pensioner Poverty
Combating Social Exclusion of Elderly People – Strategies and Practices
Judit Vall Castello: Business Cycle Effects on Labour Force Transitions for Older People in Spain
Lucy Burns: Drug use by older Australians

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International Microsimulation Association Conference 2007
Active Ageing in CIS Countries: Semantics, Challenges, and Responses

Professor of International Social Policy, University of Southampton
Senior Advisor, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research

Previous positions
Senior Economist, Social Policy Division,Directorate Employment Labour and Social Affairs (ELSA), OECD, Paris.
Economic Adviser, Department for Work and Pensions, London.
Research Officer, London School of Economics, London.
Research Officer, University of Oxford, Oxford.

PhD Economics, University of Oxford,
MA Economic Policy and Planning, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague
M.Sc Economics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

Contact details
School of Social Sceinces
Centre for Research on Ageing/ESRC Centre for Population Change
Murray Building
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ, Southampton, UK

tel: +44 2380 59 3787

Research interests
  • Population ageing and its social and economic consequences;
  • Pension policy and its impact on fiscal and social sustainability of welfare states;
  • Labour market status and well-being of persons with disabilities;
  • Poverty and social exclusion among older people / among people with disabilities;
  • Dynamic microsimulation modelling.

External Affilliations
Research Associate at CASE, London School of Economics
Research Affiliate at German Socio-Economic Panel Study, DIW Berlin
Vice President, International Microsimulation Association (2007-2010).

TV interviews
The Spanish government have proposed to raise the country's official retirement age, from 65 to 67. This move is considered by many as an essential pension policy change in coping with rapidly ageing population. However, many (including workers' unions in Spain) are opposing this forced delay in retirement. Asghar Zaidi participated as the expert on the European Pension System in the debate on the International News Channel France 24, arguing that the proposal is the step in the right direction. Other European countries should also consider raising their retirement age (or linking contribution requirements for pensions with changes in the life expectancy). For the full interview, click here

The French Government is raising the retirement age for two years, and it resulted in the largest day of protest in France since Sarkozy became president in 2007. But what did the demonstrations against pension reform change and why do the French always resort to industrial action? Asghar Zaidi participated in a live debate on the suitability of these pension reforms for France, especially in comparison to other European countries. For the full interview, click here

Selected publications
  • "The European Network for Dynamic Microsimulation (EURODYM) – A Vision and the State of Affairs’, International Journal of Microsimulation, 4(1) 100-105, 2011 (with G. Dekkers).
  • “Population Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity: Policy Challenges and Societal Responses”, paper forthcoming in the special European Edition of the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, co-edited by Alan Hatton-Yeo and Mariano Sanchez, 2011/2012 (with K. Gasior and R. Manchin).
  • “Population ageing and financial and social sustainability challenges of pension systems in Europe: A cross-national perspective” Forthcoming as Chapter 2 in: Bovenberg, van Ewijk, and Westerhout (eds.) The Future of Multi-pillar Pensions, Cambridge University Press, 2011/2012.
  • “Exclusion from material resources: poverty and capability deprivation among older people in EU countries”, Forthcoming as Chapter 7 in: Scharf and Keating (eds.) From Exclusion to Inclusion in Old Age: A Global Challenge, The Policy Press, 2011/2012.
  • “New Deal in a New Light”, Public Service Review: European Union, London, 2009.
  • “Socio-Economic Differences in Mortality: Implications for Pensions Policy”, Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers no. 71, OECD, Paris, 2008. (with E. Whitehouse);
  • “Disabled Children, Poverty and Extra Costs”, in: J. Strelitz and R. Lister (Eds.), Why Money Matters: Family Income, Poverty and Children’s Lives, Save the Children, UK, 2008 (with T. Burchardt)
  • “Trends and Priorities of Ageing Policies in the UN-European Region”, In: Regional Dimensions of the Ageing Situation, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, New York, 2008 (with B. Marin);
  • “Pension Policy in EU25 and its Impact on Pension Benefits”, The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 15(3): 229-311, 2007 (with A. Grech);
  • “Welfare Indicators of Income Experience during Old Age”, In: B. Marin and A. Zaidi (eds.) Mainstreaming Ageing: Indicators to Monitor Progress and Policies, Ashgate, 2007 (with K. Rake, J. Falkingham and B. Gustafsson)
  • “Work over the life-cycle”, In: N. Crafts, I. Gazeley and A. Newell (eds.), Work and Pay in Twentieth Century Britain, Oxford University Press, January, 2007 (with P. Johnson).
  • “Comparing incomes when needs differ: Equivalisation for the extra costs of disability in the UK”, Review of Income and Wealth, Series 51, Number 1, March 2005 (with T. Burchardt).
  • "Income dynamics within retirement in Great Britain and Germany", Ageing and Society, Volume 25, Issue 04, July, 2005 (with J. Frick and F. Buechel)
  • "The myth of worksharing", Labour Economics, 11, 293 – 313, 2004 (with A. Kapteyn.and A. Kalwij).
  • "Trends in consumption-based poverty and inequality in the Member States of the European Community", Journal of Population Economics, 14(2), 367-390, 2001 (with K. De Vos)
  • "Sensitivity of Equivalence Scales for Poverty Statistics in the Member States of the European Community", Review of Income and Wealth, Series 43, No. 3, 1997 ((with K. De Vos)

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