Unit Work and Welfare

Within the European Centre's Unit "Work and Welfare" we design, coordinate and implement projects in the fields of

  • social inclusion and integration,
  • social security (benefits & taxes), and
  • the ageing society.
Our unit employs researchers and policy advisers experienced in various social scientific methods. Our core expertise at the unit comprises:
  • Research: qualitative and quantitative research methods such as microsimulation and modelling, comparative research and case-studies. We have specific expertise in minimal income schemes, income distribution, poverty and material deprivation, social inclusion of vulnerable groups, labour market and employment trends, skill demand and migration, social innovation and transition processes.
  • Policy consultation: planning, monitoring and evaluation of social welfare policies and labour market programmes. We have specific expertise in active and passive labour market policies, networking of different stakeholders, social policy dialogue and other consultation processes by using various formats such as focus groups, participatory designs of workshops and training methods.

Many of our projects are based on international cooperation and networks with partners particularly from the EU and beyond. Our clients include, among others, the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, DG Research, etc.), other international organisations (UNECE, UNFPA, World Bank, WHO, etc.), social partners, NGOs, various ministries such as the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection and cities as well as regions such as the City of Vienna and the province of South Tyrol.

Within the European Centre's bridging function the unit establishes a network with EU acceding countries of Eastern Europe and the countries of the Eastern Partnership in the areas of innovative active and passive labour market policies and social inclusion of vulnerable groups into society.

Our unit's staff members are:

Danaj, Sonila Danaj, Sonila
Research interests
labour migration (EU and TCN), industrial relations, atypical employment, (migrant) working conditions, social dialogue in Eastern Europe


Fuchs, Michael Fuchs, Michael
Research interests
Social insurance related benefits, family policy, social assistance and minimum income benefits, quantitative data analysis, microsimulation of taxes and benefits


Hollan, Katarina Hollan, Katarina
Research interests
Social and economic inequality, Welfare states & social security systems, Poverty and social inclusion, Feminist Economics, Social mobility


Lelkes, Orsolya Lelkes, Orsolya
Research interests
Welfare, income distribution, poverty, economics of happiness, social interactions.


Scoppetta, Anette - Head of Work and Welfare, Deputy Director Scoppetta, Anette - Head of Work and Welfare, Deputy Director
Research interests
European and Austrian active labour market policies (particularly local/regional partnerships & governance, innovative labour market measures), active ageing, social inclusion of marginalised groups of the society,social innovation & workplace innovation, regional economic development, multi-level co-operation.


Zólyomi, Eszter Zólyomi, Eszter
Research interests
Pension policy and reforms, social inclusion, poverty, social mobility.