Orsolya Lelkes
Orsolya Lelkes

Mobilising the Potential of Active Ageing in Europe (MOPACT)
AIM-AP: Accurate Income Measurement for the Assessment of Public Policies
European Observatory on the Social Situation
Social Situation Monitor
Study on Child Poverty
Measures for the Stimulation of the Labour Market for Elder Employees
Winners and losers of the crisis in Latvia
Vergleichende Analyse der Teilhabechancen in Europa - Social Inclusion in Europe
Active Ageing Index
I-CUE: Improving the Capacity and Usability of EUROMOD

Tax and Benefit Policies in the Enlarged Europe: Assessing the Impact with Microsimulation Models
Housing Quality Deficiencies and the Link to Income in the EU
Income Poverty in the EU
Poverty and Social Exclusion of Migrants in the European Union
Income Poverty and Social Exclusion in the EU
Happiness Across the Life Cycle: Exploring Age-Specific Preferences
Housing Problems and Access to Basic Local Services in the EU27.
Improvement during Crisis Years? Poverty and Housing Conditions across the EU, 2007 – 2012

External URL-Links
Research findings of the Social Situation Observatory
European Conference on Measuring Well-Being and Fostering the Progress of Societies, Paris, 2012 (invited speaker)
Gallup\'s European Wellbeing Summit, Brussels, 2010 (invited speaker)
Economic Growth for Better Quality of Life in Europe, Brussels, 2010 (invited speaker)
2010 International Conference on Comparative EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (speaker)
2008 International Conference: Tax-benefit Microsimulation in the Enlarged Europe (organizer, speaker)
Annual conference of the Hungarian Society of Economists, Budapest, 2013 (keynote speaker)

Senior Researcher

Previous position
Deputy Director and Head of Work Wealth and Welfare Programme (2012-2015)
Senior Research Fellow and Economic Policy Analyst (2005-2012)
Country representative at the EU Economic Policy Committe (EPC) (2003-2004)

PhD in Social Policy: London School of Economics (LSE), United Kingdom
Masters in Economics: Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Hungary.

Hungarian (mother tongue), English, German.

Contact details
European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Berggasse 17, A-1090 Wien
Tel: +43-1-319 45 05-49
Fax: +43-1-319 45 05-19
Email: Lelkes

Research interests
Welfare, income distribution, poverty, economics of happiness, social interactions

Selected publications
  • Happily Ever After. The Role of Welfare Policies”. (2015). In: B. Marin (ed.). The Future of Welfare in Global Europe. Ashgate: Farnham: 405-425.
  • "Happier and less isolated: internet use in old age". (2013). Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 21 (1): 33-46. Longer, working paper version.
  • "The distributional implications of income underreporting in Hungary". (with Dóra Benedek). (2011). Fiscal Studies, 32 (4): 539-560.
  • “Let Us Pray: Religious Interactions In Life Satisfaction” (with Andrew Clark). (2009). Working Paper No. 2009-01. Paris, Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques.
    download from external link
  • “Assessment of income redistribution and a hypothetical flat tax reform in Hungary” (with Dóra Benedek). (2008). Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, 3(5): 173-186
  • “Social inclusion of migrants and their 2nd generation descendants” (with Eszter Zólyomi). (2008). Research Note of the Social Inclusion and Income Distribution network of the European Observatory on the Social Situation and Demography. 3/2008
    download from external link
  • "Poverty of older people in EU25". (With Asghar Zaidi, Mattia Makovec, Michael Fuchs, Barbara Lipszyc, Marius Rummel, Bernd Marin, Klaas de Voos). (2007). In: B. Marin and A. Zaidi (eds.), Mainstreaming Ageing. Indicators to Monitor Sustainable Policies, European Centre Vienna. Ashgate: 217-242.
  • "Tax-benefit microsimulation models in Eastern Europe" (2007). International Journal of Microsimulation. 1(1).
    download pdf
  • "Social Exclusion in Central-Eastern Europe. Concept, Measurement and Policy Interventions" (2006), European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna; STEP Portugal, International Labour Office, Geneva
    download pdf
  • “Deliver us from evil: religion as insurance” (with Andrew Clark). (2005). Deliver Us From Evil: Religion as Insurance. Working Paper No. 2005-43. Paris, Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques.
    download Working Paper version in pdf
  • "A magyarországi jövedelem újraelosztás és egy egykulcsos adóreform vizsgálata mikroszimulációs modellel. [Analysis of income redistribution and a hypothetical flat tax reform in Hungary, using a microsimulation model.] (with Dóra Benedek). (2006). "Közgazdasági Szemle" 53: 604-623.
  • "Low Participation among Older Men and the Disincentive Effects of Social Transfers: The Case of Hungary" (with Agota Scharle) (2004). In: T. Kolosi, I.Gy. Tóth, Gy. Vukovich (eds.), Social Report 2004, TARKI Social Research Centre, Budapest: 233-248