Katarina Hollan


Previous position
Research assistant, FORBA - Working Life Research Centre, Vienna
Project deputy coordinator, WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna
Research assistant, WIFO - Austrian Institute of Economic Research, Vienna

Mag.a rer.soc.oec. in Economics, University of Vienna (Austria)

German (native), Slovak (native), English, Spanish

Contact details
European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Berggasse 17, A-1090 Wien
Tel: +43-1-319 45 05-18
Fax: +43-1-319 45 05-19
Email: hollan@euro.centre.org

Research interests
  • Social and economic inequality
  • Welfare states & social security systems
  • Poverty and social inclusion
  • Feminist Economics
  • Social mobility

Selected publications
  • Alyssa Schneebaum, Miriam Rehm, Katharina Mader and Katarina Hollan. Forthcoming. “The Gender Wealth Gap Across European Countries.” Review of Income and Wealth.
  • Sophie Augustin, Katarina Hollan, Alyssa Schneebaum. 2015. “Bildungshomogamie und Vermögensverteilung in Österreich” (Educational assortative mating and the wealth distribution in Austria) Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Economy and Society), 41(3).
  • Katharina Mader, Alyssa Schneebaum, Katarina Hollan and Patricia Klopf. 2014. “Vermögensunterschiede nach Geschlecht: Erste Ergebnisse für Österreich.” (Gender Differences in Wealth: First Results for Austria.) Materialien zu Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. (Papers on Economy and Society), 129.
  • Anna Dimitrova, Katarina Hollan, Daphne Laster, Andreas Reinstaller, Margit Schratzenstaller, Ewald Walterskirchen and Teresa Weiss. 2013. “Literature review on fundamental concepts and definitions, objectives and policy goals as well as instruments relevant for socio-ecological transition.” WWWforEurope Working Paper no 40.

CV Katarina Hollan
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