Unit Health and Care

Within the European Centre's "Health and Care" Unit, we design, coordinate and implement projects in the fields of:

  • long-term care for older people,
  • health services and system analysis, and
  • public health.
Our unit is composed of researchers and policy analysts from several backgrounds (e.g. economics, health economics, health and social policy, political science) with experience in a wide range of social scientific methods. Our core skills at the unit are comprised of:
  • Research: we have specific expertise in comparative and applied research on topics such as inequalities in use of care, health and long-term care workforce, informal care and integrated care, cross-border health care, public health (e.g. alcohol and illicit drug consumption), user choice and competition and ICT. The research team has also expertise on qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as mixed methods methodology, including interviews, focus groups, case-studies, literature reviews, cross-sectional and panel data analysis and instrumental variables.
  • Policy analysis and consultation: planning, monitoring and evaluation of policies and initiatives in the areas of public health, health and long-term care at different levels (e.g. local and regional levels of government). We have specific expertise in user and policy-maker involvement in research, networking of different stakeholders and social policy dialogues.

Many of our projects are grounded in international cooperation and networks with partners from within the EU and beyond. Our funding partners include, among others, the European Commission, the World Bank, United Nations institutions, EUROFOUND, the European Social Network (ESN), NGOs, and various regional governments (e.g. Municipality of Vienna, Region of Alto Adige) and national ministries (e.g. Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, and the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs).

We aim to build bridges between stakeholders, sectors, countries, policies, and disciplines in the fields of health and long-term care and are currently developing cooperation with EU acceding countries of Eastern Europe and countries of the Eastern Partnership as part of the larger bridge building strategy of the European Centre.

Our current team consists of:

Bauer, Gudrun Bauer, Gudrun
Research interests
Long-term care, migration, ageing, quality of care, (migrant) care workforce


Böhler, Christian Böhler, Christian
Research interests
Economic evaluation of health & care technologies, Geographic transferability of evidence to support healthcare decision making, Early Stage Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Impact of innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing, Multilevel Statistical Modelling (MLM), Decision Analytic Modelling (DAM)


Eisenbach-Stangl, Irmgard Eisenbach-Stangl, Irmgard


Ilinca, Stefania Ilinca, Stefania
Research interests
Aging and health care utilization; Innovation in health care delivery; Chronic disease prevalence and prevention; Access to and inequality in health care; Health care services in developing countries


Kahlert, Rahel Kahlert, Rahel
Research interests
Public health, integrated care, health literacy, health promotion and prevention, social determinants, Policy and program evaluation in health care, education and social sector, Ethics in research, mixed-methods approaches in the social sciences


Rodrigues, Ricardo - Head of Health & Care, Deputy Director Rodrigues, Ricardo - Head of Health & Care, Deputy Director
Research interests
Health economics, long-term care, ageing and welfare, financing long-term care and social protection systems.


Schulmann, Katharine Schulmann, Katharine
Research interests
Care Regimes and Social Protection, Access to Care and Health Systems Equity, Chronic Disease Prevention, Ageing and Long-term Care.


Stummvoll, Günter Stummvoll, Günter
Research Interests
Social control in cities, Social segregation, Territoriality and local identity, Sociologogy of norms, deviance and control, Crime prevention theory, policy and practice, Social geography of crime


Zechmeister-Koss, Ingrid Zechmeister-Koss, Ingrid
Research interests
Economic evaluation and health technology assessment, Mental health economics, Pharmacoeconomics, Public health and health services research