EUROMODupdate 2012

02/2009 - 01/2015

Contact: Orsolya Lelkes

A major EUROMOD development project is being supported by the European Commission DG-EMPL with the key objective to improve and extend EUROMOD’s usefulness as a tool for policy-relevant research and policy monitoring. This involves
  1. updating EUROMOD to cover recent policy systems;
  2. enlarging EUROMOD from 19 countries to cover all 27 Member States
  3. upgrading EUROMOD to operate using EU-SILC (European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) data as the input database;
  4. re-building the “old” EU-15 using the most recent version of EUROMOD software; and
  5. developing methods and processes that facilitate the efficient updating of EUROMOD in the future.
In doing so the project encourages the widest use of EUROMOD in research and policy analysis at the national and international levels. The project began in February 2009. The aim is to upgrade or newly construct in EUROMOD a selection of 9 or 10 countries each year, and to then update them in subsequent year(s).

The work is being carried out by the EUROMOD core developer team, based mainly at ISER, in collaboration with a group of national teams.The European Centre is responsible for establishing contacts and working relationships in the New Member States in order to explore the feasibility of bringing them into EUROMOD. In 2012, the focus of the European Centre's team is on modeling the policy systems 2011-2012 for Austria, based on national SILC data for 2010.

A project Steering Group has been established, under the chairmanship of Sir Tony Atkinson.

Project Deliverables
Feasibility Study, Bulgaria (tax-benefit systems 2007-2010)
Feasibility Study, Latvia (tax-benefit systems 2006-2009)
Feasibility Study, Malta (tax-benefit systems 2007-2010)
Feasibility Study, Romania(tax-benefit systems 2007-2010)
Feasibility Study, Slovakia (tax-benefit systems 2006-2009)

Country Teams for the New Member States
Venelin Boshnakov, University of National and World Economy
Desislava Hristova Dimitrova, National Statistical Institute
Dragomir Kolev Draganov, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Alf Vanags, Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies, BICEPS

Kevin Vella, Ministry of Finance
Daniel Gravino, Ministry of Finance
Godwin Mifsud, Ministry of Finance
Maya Miljanic Brinkworth, Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity

Speranta Pirciog, National Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection (INCSMPS)
Eva Militaru, INCSMPS
Cristina Radu, INCSMPS
Silvia-Florina Popescu, INCSMPS

Viktor Novysedlák, Fiscal Policy Institute, Ministry of Finance
Marek Porubsky, Fiscal Policy Institute, Ministry of Finance
Jan Remeta, Fiscal Policy Institute, Ministry of Finance
Silvia Gregorcova, Ministry of Labour

External head of project: Holly Sutherland, ISER
Head of project EC: Orsolya Lelkes (international tasks), Michael Fuchs (national tasks)
Project team EC: Orsolya Lelkes, Michael Fuchs, Katrin Gasior, Frédérique Hoffmann
Financed by: European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities