Michael Förster

Current position
Principal Administrator (Senior Policy Analyst) in the Social Policy Division of the OECD, Paris.

Liège University, Belgium: doctorat en sciences économiques (PhD)
German, French, English

Contact details
OECD, 2 rue André Pascal, F-75775 PARIS Cedex 16
Email: Förster

Research interests
Income distribution. Poverty. Social policies.

Selected publications
Recent contributions to OECD publications
  • OECD (2014), Top Incomes and Taxation in OECD Countries: Was the crisis a game changer?
  • OECD (2011), Divided we Stand: Why Inequality keeps rising
  • OECD (2010), Tackling Inequality in Brazil, China, India and South Africa: the Role of Labour Market and Social Policies
  • OECD (2008), Growing Unequal? Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries.
  • OECD (2006, 2007, 2008), Sickness, Disability and Work: Breaking the Barriers. Three thematic reviews, for eleven OECD countries.
  • OECD (2007), Benefits and Wages - 2007 edition
Journal articles, book chapters and working papers
  • “Cross-country evidence of the multiple causes of inequality in the OECD area” (with I. Tóth), in: Handbook of Income Distribution (eds. F. Bourguignon and A.B. Atkinson), 2014 (forthcoming).
  • “Demographic or labour market trends: What determines the distribution of household earnings in OECD countries?” (with W.H. Chen and A. Llena-Nozal), in: OECD Journal: Economic Studies, pp.&-29, Volume 2013.
  • “Globalisation, technological progress and changes in regulations and institutions – which impact on the rise of earnings inequality in OECD countries?” (with W.H. Chen and A. Llena-Nozal), Luxembourg Income Study Working Paper, No. 597. 2013
  • “Money or Kindergarten? Distributive Effects of Cash versus In-Kind Family Transfers for Young Children” (with G. Verbist), OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers, No. 135, 2012.
  • “The OECD Approach to Measuring Income Distribution and Poverty” (with M. Mira d’Ercole), in: Counting the Poor – New Thinking About European Poverty Measures and Lessons for the United States (eds. D. Besharov and K. Couch), pp. 27-58. OUP 2012.
  • “How much redistribution do Welfare States achieve? The role of cash transfers and household taxes” (with P. Whiteford), CESifo DICE Report – Journal for Institutional Comparisons, Vol. 7/3, pp. 34-41, 2009
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  • "Child Poverty and Family Cash Transfers in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland" (with I. Tóth). Journal of European Social Policy 11.4, pp. 324-341. 2001.

Picture by Karl Rabe, Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y., USA