Study of the Compilation of the Disability Data from the Administrative Registers of the EU Member States
International Research Project


Contact: Asghar Zaidi

This project is jointly accomplished with APPLICA and financed by the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. The objective of the study is to collect data on people with disabilities through Administrative Registers of the EU Member States in order to provide a picture of their situation as well as to assess the quality and availability of the data.

For each of the Member State, the intention is to collect data from the national administrative registers on the following five topics: Prevalence of Disability, Education, Employment, Unemployment, Inactivity, Cause of Disability, Access to Services.

The tasks of European Centre are firstly to collect data on disability from the administrative registers in Austria and Germany, secondly to analyse the Disability Data related to Employment, Unemployment and Inactivity of people with disabilities and thirdly to analyse the employment measures in implementation among 25 EU Member States aiming the integration into the labour market of people with disabilities.

Partners/ Co-organizers: APPLICA, Belgium
External head of project: Nirina Rabemiafara,Terry Ward, APPLICA
Head of project EC: Asghar Zaidi / Isilda Shima, Manfred Huber
Project team at the EC: Michael Fuchs, Isilda Shima, Eszter Zolyomi
Financed by: European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs